Recent development of Smile Baby brand is a line of cosmetics for the little ones

Friday, February 1, 2019

At the moment of the baby’s birth, the mother dives into the world of care and from the first seconds she learns how to be a mother and care properly for a newborn. To help the mother, we launched a line of baby cosmetics from Smile baby, which is the number 1 brand in the category of wet wipes.

New products are safe for the babies. They underwent safety assessment, quality testing and dermatological* and hypoallergenic** tests in European laboratories. Smile baby line of baby cosmetics contains no parabens, SLES, SLS and dyes. Cosmetics contain components of natural origin and natural extracts of useful herbs that take care of the delicate and sensitive skin of a baby, allowing them to preserve their natural protective barrier, and are safe for baby eyes***.

Smile Baby cosmetics turns the bathing process into an entertaining game.

All products of Smile Baby line of baby cosmetics meet the highest European quality standards and international Disney standards. Famous characters - Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse - are depicted on the packages, thanks to which daily hygiene procedures will turn into a pleasant and funny game.


Smile Baby Soft Foam for Hair and Body for Newborn is the all purpose product for bathing without tears. The foam contains chamomile extract, which soothes, nourishes and softens the skin as well as helps to avoid diaper rash and peeling.


A mother may use Smile Baby Bedtime Bath Gel with a magic effect “Zasypaika” for helping her baby to fall asleep more quickly. It gently cleanses the baby’s skin and extracts of lemon balm and thyme promote easy and fast falling asleep.


Smile Baby cosmetics is suitable even for newborns.

Smile Baby Soft Baby Shampoo for Newborn helps to wash your baby’s hair without tears. The Shampoo is designed to gently cleanse the baby’s hair, without disturbing the natural balance of the skin. The complex of oat milk and wheat proteins moisturizes the hair and preserves the natural shine and radiance.

Teach your baby daily hygiene and self-care, the baby will remember that he/she needs to wash the hands after staying outside and before eating, if he/she has Smile Baby Antibacterial Baby Soap. The soap gently cleanses the skin and provides gentle care, plantain and aloe extracts relieve inflammation and promote wound healing.

Smile Baby provides for gentle cleansing and safe care.
Smile Baby specialists have been creating high-quality, safe and healthy hygiene products for the care of the most delicate skin for mothers and babies for ten years.

Try Smile Baby cosmetics and give your baby more care!


Smile baby has been created with love for mothers


*TM Smile baby cosmetic products for skin cleansing received a positive conclusion on the results of dermatological testing in the laboratory Hamilton, Poland, April, 2018. The hypoallergenic nature of all cosmetic products of TM Smile baby was confirmed.
**The study of hypoallergenicity was performed on 50 volunteers, 50% of whom had sensitive skin. Laboratory Hamilton, Poland, April, 2018.
***According to the results of laboratory testing in vitro, products received confirmation “no tears”. Greece, May, 2018.