Particularities of the baby’s skin

Friday, December 28, 2018

As you know, the baby’s skin is a rather complicated sensory organ: it contains a lot of receptors that allow the baby to “communicate” with the mom and perceive the environment. The skin is also the area of the formation of biologically active substances necessary for the various functions of the body.

One should remember that the structure of the baby’s epidermis and the adult’s epidermis differs significantly: the thickness of the epidermis of the newborns is 2 times thinner than that of the adult, the structure of the epidermis is loose, and the cells contain a lot of water.

Normally, human skin surface is covered with a layer, which consists of aqueous and lipid substances, which main task is to protect against the effects of adverse environmental factors, excessive moisturizing and drying; this layer also has antibacterial properties. In newborns, this layer is poorly developed and it contains 3 times less lipids.

Nerve endings in the skin of a newborn are not yet sufficiently developed, but they are sufficiently functional, which ensures a high painful, tactile and temperature sensitivity of the baby.

The excretory function of the skin associated with sweating is imperfect, newborns start sweating only in 3 - 4 weeks of life. The thermoregulatory function of the skin of a newborn is reduced: heat transfer prevails over heat production.

And, finally, one of the most important functions of the baby’s skin – the respiratory function – is 8 times stronger in babies than in adults, and the contamination of the skin as well as salving of vast areas with different ointments and creams, disrupts the process of dermal respiration, which can negatively affect the well-being of the baby.

Everybody knows that frequent excretas (stools and urine) are normal for the baby, but the long-term contact of the baby’s skin with excretas can cause skin irritation, which, when rubbed against a diaper, can absorb into the epidermis. Breach of the hygiene rules, the quality of diapers themselves as well as the quality of running water often play a key role in the development of such problems.

Taking into account all of the above-mentioned features of the baby’s skin and high hygiene requirements (frequent change of diaper, baby’s washing), it is very important to choose safe products for daily cleaning and skin care for babies.

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