Smile Baby cosmetics for babies are based on safe and natural ingredients and comply with the most stringent European quality standards

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Wet wipes

The ultra soft and durable texture of Smile Baby wet wipes provides for gentle care for your baby’s sensitive skin.

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Cotton products

Smile Baby cotton products are created from 100% purified cotton to care for delicate skin of a baby

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About the Smile Baby brand

The Smile Baby brand is designed to care for babies from the first days of life. 10 years of experience with leading European laboratories and research centers has allowed us to create high-quality products ...

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Notes for parents

100% cotton

The modern world provides many options for how to care for the skin of the baby, cleansing it, while leaving it nourished and soft.


Безопасность под контролем

Безопасность - важнейший критерий выбора любого продукта для малыша, будь то одежда, игрушки или косметические средства.


Recent development of Smile Baby brand is a line of cosmetics for the little ones

At the moment of the baby’s birth, the mother dives into the world of care and from the first seconds she learns how to be a mother and care properly for a newborn. To help the mother, we launched a line of baby cosmetics from Smile baby, which is the number 1 brand in the category of wet wipes.


Wet wipes Newborn

All mothers care about the comfort for their babies at home, during a walk and journeys, that’s why they choose the number 1 brand in Ukraine in the category of baby wet wipes*– Smile baby.


Particularities of the baby’s skin

As you know, the baby’s skin is a rather complicated sensory organ: it contains a lot of receptors that allow the baby to “communicate” with the mom and perceive the environment.


How to select baby care products

In order to maintain the balance of the delicate baby’s skin and help it develop its functions, choose cosmetic products that are specially designed for babies.


Important for the mother, safe for the baby

To earn trust of mothers, we paid special attention to testing and checking the safety of TM Smile baby products.


Влажные салфетки Smile Baby Cellulose

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