Important for the mother, safe for the baby

Monday, March 12, 2018

It was not enough for us to create cosmetic products for babies. We do understand all our responsibility to parents and small users. To earn trust of mothers, we paid special attention to testing and checking the safety of TM Smile baby products.

TM Smile baby products range is manufactured at enterprises certified according to European standards GMP 22716, which are subject to an annual certification by authorized external representatives and a daily inspection by internal professionals.

A thorough careful selection of ingredients based on security passports and constant checking of incoming raw materials, high-quality water treatment, quality control of the product during the production, packing and readiness for shipment, make it possible to be sure of the quality and safety of TM Smile baby products.

All TM Smile baby products have successfully passed the test for hypoallergenicity*. Tests were conducted at leading European volunteer research centres**. TM Smile baby products have laboratory-confirmed formulas that take into account the skin’s features of the baby, do not cause irritation and skin allergies.

TM Smile baby Soft Shampoo and Soft Foam have “no tears” sign*** and they do not irritate the eyes when the product comes into contact while bathing. TM Smile baby Newborn Baby Hypoallergenic Wet Wipes with natural nutritional ingredients have been tested by the German laboratory and they are recommended for cleansing the face, mouth, rubber teats and toys for babies from the moment of birth.

The antimicrobial protection effectiveness when using antibacterial wet wipes and baby soap of TM Smile baby line is confirmed with researches in the scientific centre and it guarantees the baby’s safety in the active learning of the world.

Thus, TM Smile baby products are:
-safe for babies’ skin
- suitable for daily use as a hygiene product for a long period of time
- they do not cause any allergic reactions, irritations and eruptions.


*TM Smile baby cosmetic products for skin cleansing received a positive conclusion on the results of dermatological testing in the laboratory Hamilton, Poland, April, 2018. The hypoallergenic nature of all cosmetic products of TM Smile baby was confirmed.
**The study of hypoallergenicity was performed on 50 volunteers, 50% of whom had sensitive skin. Laboratory Hamilton, Poland, April, 2018.
***According to the results of laboratory testing in vitro, products received confirmation “no tears”. Greece, May, 2018.