100% cotton

Tuesday, April 21, 2020


The modern world provides many options for how to care for the skin of the baby, cleansing it, while leaving it nourished and soft. One of such methods is the use of baby wet wipes, designed taking into account the specifics of the skin of the child, which are not inferior to cleaning with water, and always help out, wherever you are.


The more sensitive and delicate skin the baby has, the more carefully you need to choose the material with which it will come into contact.


Smile baby wipes from the new series are made of 100% natural material - cotton. Cotton has excellent hygroscopicity, so it removes contaminants from the skin in a few movements, minimizing friction and possible subsequent irritations.


The basis of the impregnating lotion of new wipes is only purified water and a minimum of components for delicate cleansing. The product has passed dermatological testing and has a European certificate confirming hypoallergenicity.


Smile baby 100% cotton - care for your baby and his future!